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Playing hockey should be fun. It is obvious to coaches that those players who work the hardest, regardless of ability level, derive the most satisfaction from participation in sports and enjoy it the most. It is these players who develop the most pride and have the highest self-esteem. It is not coincidental that these same players are the most successful in and out of sport.

Our camp is designed to challenge all players to work as hard as they can to develop their hockey skills to the fullest. Since players can only improve their skills by practicing them, ice use will be maximized with little to no standing in line, or listening to lengthy explanations of drills.

Instead of teaching "drills", we teach the "game" using techniques and modified scrimmages which most effectively utilize the available ice time and involve as many players as possible in quality, game-like action on the ice.

The coaching methods used by EHC were pioneered by Juhani Wahlsten and Tom Molloy.

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