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Although dated, these clips illustrate options for students, looking to be a part of the team without necessarily playing. These were put together in different years as others' contributions to the team effort.  Perhaps it's because Upland is such a small school,  with a proud hockey tradition, that these videos resonate as much today, as they did when they were made.

Before taking the ice at every home game, the boys touch a plaque, hanging outside the locker room, commemorating one of Upland Hockey's finest, Richie Stewart '82, who tragically lost his life in the World Trade Center in 2001.  After Upland, Richie went on to star at The Lawrenceville School, serving as Captain in both his Junior and his Senior year. While at Lawrenceville, he was affectionately nicknamed "The Franchise" by his coaches and peers.  From Lawrenceville, he went on to play Division 1 hockey at St. Lawrence University, where he played in the NCAA Championship game.  What set Richie apart from so many though, was his leadership, in the classroom and on the ice. He also gave freely of his time to any in need. He occupies a tremendous place in our hockey lore, but that's small in comparison to the place he holds in others'  hearts and lives. This video is a story of Richie's life at Upland and after, produced by Comcast.  His memory lives on!

This interview with the Ross family took place on the eve of the 2021 Annual Alumni Tournament, where we usually welcome back about 100 returning players over the Thanksgiving Holidays.  On Friday eve of the tourney there is an 'Oldies' game commemorating the life and contributions of Ernie 'Ink' Ross to Upland School and Upland Hockey. Ink was a student, coach and board member, playing an instrumental role in not just the hockey program, but in the history and development of all things 'Upland'! Taking part in the interview are his wife, Elizabeth, his daughters, Cortney and Morgan, and his Mom, Arlene.  Cortney and Morgan both attended and played hockey at Upland and his Mom was a long-time faculty and staff member, all making many wonderful contributions to the school and to the lives of all of our students.

Listen to our Athletic Director, Brady Kramer and our Assistant Athletic Director, Taylor Swarter speak about our Sports' Programs!

Join me as I speak about our traditions, our hockey, our academics, our goals for our student athletes -- and, our locker room. 

Although this video is a little long, it allows time for some of our Upland Alums to talk about the Thanksgiving Holiday Alumni Tournament and their time at Upland when they wore the Black and Gold.  The personal experiences and the memories of games, friendships and traditions, related here, are especially meaningful and perfectly illustrate the 'power of sports' and camaraderie in their young lives. Of equal importance, their stories serve to inspire present and future players who've yet to experience the thrill of leaving the locker room and taking the ice to The Rolling Stone's 'Paint It Black'!

Sensing my anxiety, this was said to me right before one of our overtime tournament championship wins by our goaltender, Rich Jensen '90.  Never forgotten!

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