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Most of the games found on this page were inspired by other like-minded coaches.  I've learned much in the design and implentation of games, from Juuso Wahlsten, Tom Molloy and Matt Greenlaw.  I borrow shamelessly from other coaches and make no apologies.  Giving credit to the right people though is a tough chore, since many games may have  been designed differently, only to change or morph through regular use to teach specific skills. Much of coaching is taking other peoples' ideas (no need to reinvent the wheel) and making the ideas fit a particular age group or particular skill. Good coaching, in my estimation, is a willingness to create, invent, change, adapt and borrow.  I've made a career of borrowing and changing. Here are a few ideas. Some are original, some are not. Some are close to the original design, some bear little resemblance to the original.  Be creative! Have fun!

Check back regularly.  I'll keep adding many of the games I've used over the years.

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